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“You’re so..” finish it in my ask.

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Download Logic’s debut album ‘Under Pressure’ Now!

Do not despair if you are at the Bottom right now.
Slowly, but surely, you’ll rise to the Top and what once seemed blurry and unreachable will become clear and tangible.
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I used to want to be like Jordan… but now I want to be like Richard Xia. #lit #irrepressibleSystem #Studybreak (at Irrepressible System Headquarters)

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You’re all I have left in this world, and you’ve lost everything too. But you still have a father.

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"You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realize they’re the only ones who ever really had your back"

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realest shit ever

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i can never understand why anyone would the money that they do on Supreme Tshirts/clothing and shit. the quality is so shitty and the design is like nonexistent. an 11 year old can easily design the Supreme clothes…

Racial Profiling Experiment
NYC which is suppose to be “liberal”
my ass

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